Travelling With a Friend Along All Kinds of Life’s Path Helps in All Kinds of Various Ways

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What type of year was 2018 for you?

Whatever happened in our lives during 2018, each of us is going to need that supernatural peace, as we face another year – the peace of God – only Jesus Christ can impart this quality and depth of peace – and now we are already into April – and around us there is frustration and confusion and upheaval in so many various areas of life.

Travelling through the unknown is seldom a comfortable experience. When I have been working and serving and travelling, particularly in Uganda and Kenya, it has been so reassuring to have someone alongside me in the car who knows the route and our estimated time of arrival.

This is even more true when sojourning out in the jungle and bush areas of Uganda and Kenya or in the slum areas of the larger cities.

A trusted companion and colleague can impart confidence – knowing that if danger should rear its ugly head you have someone with you to be your friend or more.

This is what the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ is to disciples as we travel through life and this same loving comforting Jesus has that supernatural ability to impart peace in the most arduous of circumstances.

Could there be a more priceless possession than peace, at this particular time?

Jesus Christ had nothing else to leave – no money – no property or material possessions to divide among the men he called, taught, discipled and loved.

Modern lives are invaded and even assaulted by so much noise, rush, and pressure. Peace can seem an illusive quality or possession.

Worry, fret and fear are real. Things do not go as we thought they would – they never do!

These disciples of Jesus were facing days of turmoil – and then years of turmoil, which took various shapes and forms.

The peace which Jesus offers has little to do with a sheltered life of ease and relaxation. “My peace I give to you.”

Jesus did not speak of His peace often, but you can sense it on various pages of the Gospels – the paralysed man – the leper – the storm on the lake – the 5,000 hungry men, when there were only five loaves and two fish.

When Jesus spoke authoritatively, “Peace, be still”, to the raging winds and waves, was he not also speaking to fearful hearts?

They warned Jesus about going up to Jerusalem. There is danger in the air. People are out to get you – but he went!

As you look back on 2018, and then ahead to another year – or as you look back on any period of your life – may you experience and know the priceless peace of God, and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, as you travel through these unknown days and weeks.

None of us really likes to travel through the unknown.