10 Reasons Why You Should Always Book a Window Seat on Plane

Airline Travel


Now-a-days, people travel in plane to overseas destinations for various purposes. Sometimes the period of travel by air may extent up to a day. If you book a non-window seat, you might feel as well bored. On the other hand, the people who have opted for the window seat would be able to watch the natural wonders happening through the transparent windows. This is why primarily people opt for window seat for a plane journey. In this article, we would be listing out 10 reasons why you should opt for a window seat while doing the air travel.

1. You might be able to see Kerala skyline reflected in Lake Vembanadu while traveling over Kollam district of that state in India.

2. While sitting on the window seat, you could see an approaching rainstorm from some distance and marvel at the beauty of transformation the system brings to the environment. You can even enjoy small sprays of water cooling the aeroplane when it passes through the rain-forming clouds.

3. At higher altitudes, the visuals of a solar eclipse are pretty cool as there is no turbulence of atmosphere. Hence, the full duration of the eclipse can easily be seen while traveling at higher altitude.

4. While traveling to African continent, you can see the breathtaking view of the highest point in the continent through the window from top.

5. When seated on the window seat of an aeroplane, you might see the spectacle of sunrise and the change it brings to the atmosphere. The color of rising sun seen through the clouds gives a totally different experience for the passenger.

6. An air traveler sitting near the window might be able to see even the sunsets coloring the horizon.

7. While passing by waterfalls, you can see it from top in all its splendor. This aerial view might take your breath away. The rising drops of water scatter the light and give a milky white color to its top.

8. If you pass over the Australia or USA in the night during the summer, you could witness forest fires raging below through the plane window.

9. You can finally understand why everyone thinks Norway is so beautiful with its panoramic aerial view when you are traveling by plane.

10. You could ride an endless sea of clouds and at times even pass through them with some jerks. Sitting near the window lets the passenger enjoy the cloud shapes and the horizon.