How to Pack For Your Greek Islands Sailing Vacation

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Here are the most important packing tips when you charter a yacht in Greece and go sailing around the Greek Islands for your next vacation:

1. Get the most important stuff together first – your travel documents. Make sure you’ve got everything you need. Not only will you need your passports, but if you’re planning to bareboat it, you’ll need the proper documentation for the Greek port authorities and your yacht charter company as well. Don’t forget your confirmation packet from Seapaths, airline tickets and any vouchers or other travel documents you need.

Put everything in a waterproof file folder or ziplock bag.

2. Pack any medications – in their original bottles or containers, and bring along your prescription as well. Make sure to bring three days extra medication with you, just in case of travel delays or unexpected stopovers. Note: It is forbidden to bring medications into Greece which contain codeine – an ingredient often found in painkillers.

Since that medication could be confiscated, either ask your doctor for a codeine-free pain medication or pick something up at one of the many pharmacies when you get to Greece. And although your yacht will have a regulation first aid kit onboard, it’s a good idea to pack your own “emergency first aid” kit. You’ll want to bring your own antiseptic/antibacterial cream or lotion, Band-Aids, pain relievers, seasickness remedies, anti-diarrhea medication, bug spray or lotion, sunburn cream, sunblock (at least SPF-15), tweezers and throat lozengers.

3. Just remember that new travel regulations restrict the size of liquids – and in some cases they can’t be put in carry-on luggage. Also – the liquids that are allowed must be carried separately through customs in a clear plastic bag. So to save time and confiscation, pack it that way at home. And leave the full-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioners, gel and lotions at home. If you’ve got questions about the regulations, or what’s allowed and what’s not, contact the airport, your airlines or your travel agent before you leave home.

4. Don’t use hard-sided suitcases. (Storage space is at a premium onboard your yacht – so use frameless backpacks or sturdy duffle bags to pack for your Greek Island sailing vacation.

They can become your carry-on luggage on the plane (so you don’t have to worry about lost luggage) and you can fold them up and stow them away easily onboard your yacht.

5. Most people overpack for a sailing vacation. Since you’re spending the majority of your time onboard your chartered yacht, remember that you won’t really need a lot of clothing.

Here’s a typical list of what to bring for a 7-day voyage around the Greek

Islands: 3 or 4 swimming suits, 1 towel per person, 1 cover-up, 3 or 4 T-Shirts and pairs of shorts, sunglasses, 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of tennis shoes or boat shoes (the kind that can get wet and won’t scuff the boat’s deck), underwear for the week, pajamas or night clothes, sweater or light jacket, pocket-sized raincoat in case of bad weather, folding umbrella, sunhat, baseball cap or visor, 1 outfit of “nice” clothing for wearing at night to Greek restaurants or nightspots. (If the place you’re going to has a dress code, this means a jacket for him and a dress or skirt for her.) Note: regular shoes are not allowed on board – after visiting an island, you’ll be asked to take your shoes off at the gang plank, and your deck shoes will be provided to change into.

6. Water gear. This is a personal preference – because chances are your yacht will have snorkeling equipment onboard, or it will be provided by Seapaths on request – but – the question you need to ask yourself is – do you really want to use a snorkel that countless strangers have used before you? For some people, this is similar to being asked to use someone else’s toothbrush – and if that’s the same for you – then by all means, bring or buy your own – because snorkeling will be one of those unforgettable experiences from your vacation that’s a “don’t miss” for you.

7. Bring an empty extra foldable bag with you – there are so many treasures to be found in Greece – bring the empty bag so you’ve got a way to take home the things you buy during your trips to the Greek Islands.

8. When choosing your sailing vessel, ask your Seapaths Customer Care Advocate about the availability of electrical outlets – for grooming aids such as electric razors, curling irons and hair dryers and for recharging your digital camera. In the case of your cameras or video recorders, make sure to bring at least one extra battery and memory card, so you don’t miss the opportunity of recording your vacation around the Greek Islands. (Think how much fun

you’ll have sharing your photos and camcorder movies with everyone back home!) Bring disposable (waterproof) cameras for the kids, or to snap pictures in places your regular camera can’t go.

9.Cash, Credit or Traveler’s Checks? Although you will find ATMs on most of the islands (and the main ports will also have banks), not all restaurants, cafes and gift shops accept credit cards. Since checks are usually only accepted on Greek banks (with rare exceptions) you’ll want to ask each merchant if they accept traveler’s checks before making your purchase.

Often the best advice is to simply get cash at an ATM before doing any shopping for provisions or souvenirs.

10. Ziplock bags in assorted sizes (for dirty laundry, wet swimming suits, odds and ends, etc…) Also make sure you’ve got waterproof bags for your camera gear.

Time and again the one thing people say when they’re writing to thank us for the wonderful time they had on their sailing vacation around the Greek Islands – is that they wish they’d packed less. Don’t make their mistake – use this checklist to make sure that you bring what you need, but leave everything else at home! That way you too will have a wonderful time on your Greek Island sailing vacation!