Get Into the World of Frontier Airlines – Ultra Low Cost Carrier

Airline Travel

With its primary hub at the Denver International Airport, the airline service operates from two secondary hubs, namely New Castle Airport in Wilmington, Delaware and Trenton-Mercer Airport near Trenton, New Jersey. Established on 8th February, 1994, Frontier airlines today has grown to be one of the popular low-cost carrier services of the United States.

In Flight Services

There are many flight companies that offer different flight services at a lower cost. As a passenger, one needs to pick the service that serves a variety of purposes. One should compare the flight services provided by various flight companies in order to get reliable service at the lowest cost. There are many companies offering quality services at affordable prices and one has to research well before booking to avail value for money. The airline companies should offer the best customer service with excellent on-flight customer service as a thumb rule. F9 is one of the best low-cost platforms offering a range of services for their passenger on-board including electrical supply switches, comfortable seating, and baggage counters for all those travelling economy class. For business class passengers, the flights are equipped with audio and visual entertainment mediums to enjoy during the duration of the flight, attractive discount coupons and goodies, food and beverage and spacious seating arrangements.

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Check in Options

The online check in policy is a good opportunity for passengers to save on time. The online check in policy in Frontier airlines can be used to get faster service at the airport. The online check-in requires one to register baggage details online before the final day of departure – not only does this aid in saving on incurring baggage costs but also saves from last hour panic of getting to the airport and checking in.

Baggage Policy

The passengers have to pay varied amounts as per slab rates depending on the baggage quantity and weight they are carrying along with them. Frontier airlines does not undertake responsibility for damaged baggage. For fragile baggage, one needs to make use of the stick-on slip that says “Fragile” to ensure the baggage is carried with extra care. In case of loss of baggage, one needs to file a complaint at the baggage counter before leaving the airport. The baggage, if found, is kept save and the passenger is informed to come and collect it. Batteries, arms, drugs, compressed cans, deodorants and sharp objects are strictly prohibited. To avoid loss from missing baggage and flight cancellations, the airline service also offers travel insurance that is chargeable but protects against losses incurred from tickets cancellations and loss of baggage while travelling.