Camping Recipes – What You Need to Know


So, you have decided to go camping for the weekend or maybe even the week, but you aren’t sure what you will eat during your trip. Well, you are probably going to need some good camping recipes to get you started. Let’s face it, you won’t have access to a gourmet kitchen or maybe even electricity or gas. What you will have is an opportunity to get real creative and in the end, make some really nice meals for all of your camping companions.

Camping Recipes – What to Expect

When it comes to finding and preparing those fabulous camping recipes, there are several things you will need to consider. You need to be aware of what type of facilities you will have available. For example; running water, electricity, or gas would be a good place to start. Will you be able to cook on open fire or possibly a grill?

The next thing to consider is what king of cookware and utensils will you have to use. If you are driving to your campsite you would have more opportunity to carry additional items in that if you were hiking to your camping destination. Here is a list of key items to consider:

· Camp stove

· Skillet and pot

· Dutch oven

· A grill grate (the grate/ shelf from your home oven works nicely)

· Propane

· Coolers to store uncooked food

· Plenty of ice- (To keep your food fresh)

· Tongs, knife, spatula, and other utensils

· Tinfoil, pie tins, plastic freezer bags, and plastic containers

How to Prepare – The Main Dish

If you have the ability to cook with a camp stove or over a campfire, these are your best options. With one of these you will be able to create just about any of the camping recipes you desire. Whether it’s a good camp chili, a hearty steak, or a full bacon and eggs breakfast; no option is off-limits. This is where your skillet and pots will serve you well. Also, if you have that oven grate, using it on a fire is a perfect way to cook any kind of meat over an open fire. If you are using a Dutch oven in a fire pit, you can even bake biscuits to go with that side of gravy from the stove.

If you prefer to slow cook your food, then using a technique known as foiling is a great way to do it. The tinfoil pocket is a great way to make foil wrapped camping recipes. Roasting everything from potatoes to meat; foil wraps are a great way to cook at camp. By simply putting all your ingredients, spices and seasoning, and placing on a low heat source (like smoldering fire or coals) in the morning, you can have a delicious meal ready and waiting for you when you return to camp in the evening.

Eat Dessert First

Be sure not to forget the dessert when it comes to your camping recipes. You are on vacation, so you should be able to indulge a little. Everything from S’mores, to roasting marshmallows is just the beginning. With a little imagination and the right recipe, you can bake everything from apples, create chocolate covered popcorn, and even small cakes, donuts, and muffins. No matter what you decide, just be sure to have fun with kit and get everyone involved. That’s where the fun really is.

Again with some proper preparation and planning, you might be surprised how many different meals you can create with your camping recipes. Not only will they be quite tasty, but the whole gang can participate and have a blast doing it. Besides, when it comes to camping it is as much about the experience as it is the outcome. So, be sure to appreciate your camping experience and enjoy some good grub in the process. It doesn’t get much better than that.