Keeping Your Minicab Ride Safe

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Most people have relied on taxis as their mode of transportation for many years. When minicabs surfaced, a lot of individuals have switched to these more affordable vehicles. Some of the reasons for that include the facts that there are taxi drivers that are not familiar with directions, while some talk too much and others drive past even when they see you waving at them.

Minicabs are not only cheaper. They also offer the same services provided by the usual taxi cabs without the inconvenience or costs of a regular cab. All you have to do is call way ahead of time to book one, so you can enjoy the ease of traveling anywhere you like. If you find a standard cab to be too pricey or too inconvenient, opt for the simple but reliable minicab.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of booking a minicab is the cost of traveling in one. Riding the standard black cabs requires you to pay a large amount to travel short distances, and an exorbitant price to take long trips. When it comes to travelling long distances, minicabs are considerably cheaper.

People who choose to ride in mini cabs are told to apply extra safety measures and precautions. To reduce the possibilities of a mishap, it is best to choose a minicab that is licensed, the way it is required by the law. This is absolutely right. The country’s travel department says that it is our duty to check if the taxi driver’s license is valid and legitimate before hiring the cab for our trip. Choosing a minicab that is licensed is only part of our responsibility. To further reduce any possible risks associated with your trip, you can consider the following advice and tips to enjoy your ride:

  • Plan your trip way ahead of time. Know the exact date when you will leave your home and when you will return.
  • To save time, book your minicab earlier by means of a “catch-a-cab” service. This way, you can be sure to acquire a licensed cab to use on your trip. Do not forget, though, to check the cab driver’s license. It is easy to access minicab services from just about anywhere. It is easy to book a minicab, and it takes just a few minutes with your smartphone.
  • When you are booking a cab, know the color and make of the minicab and the driver’s name. This way it will be easier to recognize your vehicle.
  • Once the minicab arrives, make sure that the driver is familiar with all the important details before you step in. He should know your name and place of destination. The vehicle’s features should match the description given by the service provider.
  • Refrain from travelling alone. It would be best to accompanied by someone or to travel with a group when riding a minicab.
  • If you plan to visit someone riding a minicab, he/she should know about the estimated time of your arrival.
  • Write down the number of the minicab and the driver’s license number. Send this information to a friend or family member as an extra precautionary measure.