Cruising the Mediterranean Information

Luxury Cruising

Cruise holidays have long been a popular way to enjoy seeing some of the many sights across the world, and one popular destination is the Mediterranean. From the moment you step on board your ship, your holiday has begun, and while you relax, your floating hotel will transport you across the seas to the Mediterranean and all it has to offer.

There are over 200 islands in the Mediterranean as well as a number of mainland destinations, and although some are generally more popular than others, there is a wealth of choice here. Some of the destinations you might encounter on your trip include Italy and the islands of Sicily, Capri and San Pietro, mainland Spain, and the Spanish islands of Corsica and Majorca, as well as some larger islands such as Malta, Tunisia and Cyprus. The culture and diversity that can be found across this region is quite astounding, as well as many beautiful coastlines and of course the mild, warm climate of the Mediterranean.

Majorca is one of the more popular places to stop on a cruise trip, and when you consider all that Majorca has to offer visitors, it’s not really too surprising. Virtually all the main towns and places of interest here are close to the coast including Palma which is the islands capital city. Outside the towns are groves of sweet smelling lemons, oranges and almonds, and when the blossoms are on the trees it’s a sight to behold.

Other places which often feature on the cruise stops list are Malta with its megalithic temples and the catacombs of St Paul, Crete where there are five Minoan palaces at Knossos, and Capri whose steep sides offer visitors the chance to see amazing sea caves such as the Blue Grotto.

There are a variety of cruise lines that sail in this region, but one of the best known is P&O who offer cruises either to the Western Mediterranean or to the Eastern Mediterranean. A cruise to the Western side might include a trip to Barcelona, a sightseeing tour round Rome, and a chance to see some of the glamour of the Cote D’ Azur. A trip to the Eastern side, and you might find yourself docking at Greece to visit the Parthenon, Egypt for a trip across the sands to visit the magnificent Pyramids, or into Venice where the canals form the city’s roadways and buildings rise up out of the water.

Of course, no matter which way you sail, or which cruise line you sail with, you’ll always get to enjoy the sunshine and sea, as well as all the onboard luxury of relaxing drinks by the poolside as you watch the coastlines appear and disappear between stops, and that wonderful feeling of awakening each morning with a new country on the doorstep.