National Parks: Bryce Canyon


Name a famous natural landmark from Utah? While the Great Salt Lake in Salt Lake City is a sight to behold, it is by no means the only one in that state. There’s a national park in Utah named Bryce Canyon that is certainly more breathtaking than the lake.

When you think of a canyon, you might picture something like the Grand Canyon. Bryce Canyon is absolutely different. The erosion that left its mark caused the formation of their hoodoos, which are tall spire rocks that reach upwards towards the sky.

There is plenty to do when visiting this natural wonder. Hiking and camping always seem to be the first choices. The National Park Service (NPS) offers full moon hikes. These hikes take place each month so that visitors who are interested can see the beauty the hoodoos and canyon when bathed in only the light of the moon. The NPS can cancel these tours so it’s recommended that you ask when you arrive at the Visitor Center. If you are like me and love sleep, go on a more conventional hike during the day. There are easy, moderate, and strenuous hikes so choose one that fits your level correctly.

Camping can be done in either of their two campgrounds: North and Sunset. Both of these campground offer RV sites and tent sites. While many of the sites are given on a first-come, first-served basis, both the North and Sunset campgrounds have sites that would need to be reserved.

There are several Ranger Programs offered by the NPS at Bryce Canyon. For about an hour and a half, you can walk with a park ranger who will act as your guide around the Rim. This is not available during the winter season so plan to visit in any of the other three seasons.

If you are coming with children be aware that there is a program just for them! These are only held during the summer and last about an hour. Unlike many of their other activities and tours, this does require a reservation that you must make when you get to the Visitor Center. This is not like the kids programs on cruises in that children do have to be accompanied by adults.

Leave Bryce Canyon for a love of national parks and nature in general. Bryce Canyon can be famous for its hoodoos, but it will be memorable for your family because of the time spent together discovering the natural world’s beauty!