Discovering Ferreries on Menorca’s South-East Coast

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Menorca is a popular tourist destination in Spain. It is situated in the middle of the western Mediterranean and people of different cultures live here. Each of the cultures has left a rich legacy behind them. Therefore, the easternmost part of the Balearic Islands is a wonderful place to visit.

Ferreries is a whitewashed town that lies close to some of the most popular islands. There is natural scenery, gorges, and high peaks around. Ferreries is an important industrial town and is famous for shoes and furniture. Ferreries is known for its cobbled streets and multi-colored houses. If you get a chance to visit this town, you can visit the central Esplanade where every Saturday morning, a homemade produce market is held. In the market, you can buy cheeses, spicy local sausage, cold meat dishes, pastries, cakes, jams, and natural honey. A wide range of handicraft items such as etched glass and leather work, coarse lacework, and the Abarca sandals are also available.

There are some good tapas, bars, restaurants, and boutiques in Ferreries. The town is also a home of Mascaro, an international shoemaker, leatherwear, jewelry, and furniture. You can buy all these things directly from the factor at affordable prices. There are also many shops in the old part of the town where you can find these items. You can buy traditional footwear found in many shoe shops.

Local people visit the Ferreries Farmer’s Market to buy the island’s finest produce. You can also visit this market. It is held on Tuesdays and Friday.

After doing shopping, you can enjoy the natural surroundings of the town. You can take a route through the beautiful gorge where you can observe the rich vegetation and high cliffs that offer shelter to many birds and animals.

There are many wonderful walking trails in the region and if you want to explore the countryside, especially during the months of spring. If you are visiting in August, you can enjoy an annual festival for St. Bartholomew.

Things to see in Ferreries

Santa Agueda castle: This place is perfect for fall excursion. You have to walk for an hour climbing the hill on an old cobbled road up to the castle. It is an old structure with impressive ruins. It is said that a Roman Camp was installed on site and during the Islamic occupation, lived its heyday as a castle.

Mitjana Cove: It is a small virgin cove in the south of Menorca. It is centrally located. It is easily accessible. The blue waters make it a wonderful place to enjoy with your family. You have to take a road towards Santa Galdana just before you reach Ferreries from Ciudadela heading towards Mahon. You will see a sign indicating the direction to the cove.

Meson El Gallo: It is a beautiful, whitewashed, and rambling 200-year old house. It is worth visiting this place and see a beautiful garden. You can enjoy home-cooked tortilla, giant salads, and special meat dishes.

Thus, Ferreries is a wonderful place to visit and have some good time with your family. It is located in the heart of Menorca and easily approachable.