5 Functions Of A Bandana That Prove That It’s A Camping Multi-Tool


Many campers refer to a bandana as the “swiss knife of camping”. While it serves as a great fashion statement or for sun protection, a standard size bandana has plenty more uses in the outdoors that you can imagine. Some outdoorsmen even use it as a survival tool. So the next time you’re heading outdoors, be sure to carry with you a bandana or two!

Here are 5 amazing uses of a bandana that makes it a camping multi-tool:

Sun Protection

A bandana can be used not only as protection from the sun but other environmental elements as well. You can turn it into a headband as well as a head or neck wrap for warmth or sun and sweat protection. To further protect yourself, you can also use it as a makeshift hand wrap, knee pad and dust mask.

First Aid Tool

A bandana can be a very useful first aid tool when you don’t have the necessary tools with you in case of emergencies (but always be sure to pack a complete first aid kit when you’re heading to the outdoors). You can turn it into a hot or cold compress, a sling, a splint tie, wrist brace, ankle wrap, pressure bandage tie, a finger splint, a tourniquet and more!

Emergency Tool

If you ever get lost in the woods or need to signal for help during emergency situations, a bandana can be handy, too! You can use it to improvise a ground signal panel, a signal flag or a trail marker.

Water Filter

If you’re out in the wilderness and run out of clean drinking water, you need to start filtering. Ideally you should have a portable water filter with you, but if you’re still unsure about the cleanliness of water, you can clean it further using a bandana. Pouring filtered water over a bandana into a container can help remove sediments and clean it better for drinking!


Apart from the abovementioned uses of a bandana, there’s still a multitude of functions that it can offer including a pot holder, a washcloth, a fire windscreen, a food wrap, a strainer, a tea bag, a sling (weapon), a fire starter and more!

Never forget to a bring a couple of bandanas the next time you go camping or the outdoors – the functions mentioned above only prove it’s a camping multi-tool! It’s great for a fashion statement, too!