What Not To Pack: 6 Things You Don’t Need

Budget Travel

With carrying more bags has become extra expensive, it’s highly advantageous to be hard-nosed about what you take with you. In any case, traveling with a bag that is smaller is size is much easier to carry around than lugging around a big over-packed heavy suitcase.

And it’s also nice and easy to close your bag without any trouble if you need to open it. Reduce your packing stress by removing this lot straight off from this list.

Travelers Cheques

Never travel with a traveler’s cheque. Welcome to the twenty-first century, leave those obsolete piece of papers where they belong: that is in the past.

Cheap Clothes

When you are going for longer trips, try taking more affordable clothes than high-quality, expensive clothes. That stylish yellow poncho might seem to be a great dress when you prance around your home, but when you are in the middle of the jungle, sweating like hell and with rain pouring thoroughly you would wish that you invested in a rain jacket.

Too Many Gadgets

Let’s be quite clear about a few things, there are some pretty useful devices that you can take with you on your trip, but taking all of them won’t be necessary. Priorities and think carefully about the value of each one and its contribution to your journey. Do you need to take your laptop and tablet with you? How about packing those over-ear and inner-ear headphones? If you are travelling to several destinations, then carry a world adapter with dual USB chargers so that you can perform multiple functions at one time.

Extra Toiletries

To be honest, all those toiletries that are stuffed in your bathroom don’t count as essential. Leave the eye cream, night cream, day cream, Dead Sea bath salts and exfoliating scrub at home. You can carry a shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and deodorant with you as those are the basic toiletries that you will need.

Your Entire Bookshelf

Books are pretty heavy and take up a lot of space. If you think you will read more than one novel while being on the trip, then take an e-reader with you.

Hair Straighteners

Remember the time before hair straighteners? If you don’t the let me tell you – people managed to survive before it. There is no denying the fact that straighteners have transformed many frizzy mops into a sleek mane, but while you are on holiday then ditch the extra baggage weight and embrace the freedom of being away from home and go for a beachy look.