Experience the ‘softer’ Side of Quiet Ibiza

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When we think about spending vacations in Ibiza, most of us think of bars, clubs, world-class DJ sets, beach parties, and tables with Champagne. But, have you ever heard about the other side of Ibiza vacations. There is so much more to enjoy on this White Isle. Away from its vibrant nightlife, the island also offers peaceful resorts, where secluded beaches sit hidden behind pine forests. If you would like to experience the softer side of quiet Ibiza, you should read further to know more.

Ses Salines Natural Reserve in Ibiza

The natural heritage of Ibiza is invaluable. You can discover flora and fauna, marine and terrestrial, and many natural creatures while living in Ibiza. Ses Salines Natural reserve is located between Ibiza and Formentera. It extends from the south of Ibiza to the north of Formentera. The reserve occupies about 2,838 hectares of land.

75% of the park’s territory is covered with marine life. Posidonia oceanic is the most important underwater plant found here. It helps in the maintenance of fish populations and other marine organisms. The plant provides oxygen to the water, clean water and also protects the beaches from the erosion effect.

Natural Reserves of Es Vedra, Es Vedranell and the Western Islets

The natural reserves of Es Vedra, Es Vedranell and the Western Islets are found in the west and southeast of Ibiza. There is a great diversity in the natural landscape. You can also enjoy the spectacular panoramic views from the heights. The main vegetation on the islets includes Limonium pseudoebusitanum, Lamottea dianae, etc. The island of S’Espartar is important as it holds esparto grass fields that cover the largest part.

The islets have a large variety of birds, lizards, and other groups of invertebrates. It is the most important nesting places for seabirds and birds and prey. It is relaxing to see the natural beauty.

Rock climbing

If you love rock climbing, then Ibiza is the best place. There are more than 400 bolted routes across the island. These routes range from grey limestone slabs, overhangs with tufas and jugs and short single pitch routes, and multi-pitch routes. Climbers of all abilities can enjoy rock climbing. Buda is the largest crags for rock climbing. It is located on the southwest of the island. Climbers can choose sea cliff climbing routes and can also enjoy stunning views of the surrounding scenery.


People are doing big business with spas. Visitors who come here and party hard need rejuvenation and spa is the best technique to rejuvenate your body. Revival spa is a place in quiet Ibiza which offers a soft, calming, and a cool atmosphere as you embark on a therapeutic journey of saunas, steam rooms, massage, Jacuzzis, and much more.


Portinatx is a small fishing village and is equipped with a quaint harbor fronted by the alluring Mediterranean. It offers complete seclusion. There are a few local bars and coastal walks, but you will feel relaxed. The main beach is S’Arenal Gros where you can feel rejuvenated in the stunning green surroundings.