A Glance at South Padre Island

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Famous for the high level of tourism, South Padre Island is a beautiful resort town in Cameron County, Texas in United States. One of the important facts about this Island is that the property owners in the Island do are not the originals. They are from different places of the world and have brought land in the place to build houses and condos for sale in South Padre Island. The cost of living in this place is comparatively higher than any other places in Texas. The fact that the properties belong to the international property owners is actually an added bonus. Guess why?? Because this means that you are open to choose from the best of styles and no house would be the same.

In 2009, on 13th December a condominium known as the Ocean Tower was dismantled. This 31-storey condominium was started in 2006. But due to an irreparable problem, it had to be brought down after its construction was ceased in 2008.

This Island is known for the frequent hurricane attacks and heavy rains. But even though a lot of damage was caused by several hurricanes in the past, the island slowly and gradually became a very popular spring break destination. It became a suitable holiday spot not only for college students, but also became an amazing resort destination for families. With more number of people coming into the small island with a population of around 5900 in 2014, many new multistory resort hotels, luxurious houses with pools and condominiums have been erected that stretches along the coastline of Gulf of Mexico. Many people these days like to visit the place and spend some good tie there not staying in a resort or hotel, but taking an entire condo or house for self satisfaction. But, doing this has proved to be a better option as it is more independent and cost effective.

When we talk about recreational activities in this island, it can extend from swimming and sunbathing to water crafts and dolphin watching that has become real popular these days. It should also be known that every year, the Texas International Fishing Tournament is organized in this place during the late summers. During spring, the blue water surrounding this Island invites thousands of college goers to visit this superb destination from around the world.

With proper climatic conditions that are sub tropical in nature, the Island receives a rainfall of not more than 6.3 inches in the month of September. So, no matter if you are a college student or a person with a family, you can enjoy all the kinds of joys you are looking for in this amazing place. You can even think of settling out here. Condos are for sale in this wonderful Island of South Padre.