A Charming Villa in the Heart of Ibiza’s Country Side

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Whitewashed villages, traditional hilltop fences, infinity pools are just a few of the many that one can relish in the spirit of Ibiza’s country side. Unknown to many, Ibiza is the smallest of the main Balearic Islands, discovered by artists and hippies in the 1960’s, and is also known as an island of the contrast. Beyond the cosmopolitan nightlife it offers serenity and charm. The country side with curvy roads, lush pine forests and wild nature in abundance is what will incline you to spend your holiday at a charming villa in the heart of Ibiza’s country side.

Venture just a few minutes out of the hustle and bustle you will definitely be greeted by landscapes with lush greenery, dusty paths and sheer rugged hillsides. Here you cannot miss the villas that are meticulously restored and will give you an uninterrupted view of the unspoilt coves, hilly terrain, and stunning sea and beyond. Life at the countryside is untouched for centuries, and still continues to be traditional, and is bustling during the day with nature lovers who come to soak up its vibrant atmosphere. Known as ‘the campo’ or countryside, this is a must explore and you are bound to have a fantastic adventure on the way, whilst absorbing the breathtaking scenery that envelops this stunning little paradise. Some villas have their own stables and that leaves us with a must not to miss way to explore the island’s countryside on horseback.

Sprinkled with Carob, almond trees and figs, pine woods and olives, and hundreds of miles of unblemished shoreline with little paths leading down to quiet coves one can find some of the most beautiful beaches and tranquil waters. These paths are mostly known to the locals – so it would be the best to have them as your guide. Some of the most charismatic villas are built of the cliffs, looking down over the anchorage – offering amazing and undisturbed sea views. The bohemian touch of these villas is a perfect example of sophisticated fusion of urban and Mediterranean interior design. Vineyards help in populating Ibiza’s countryside filling it with a sense of peace and escape from the hustle and bustle. Slow pace, bygone times, when the only reds were those of the earth, the greens of surrounding vegetation and the blue of the sky above – is the essence of country side.

Swap Ibiza’s beaches for its beautiful countryside villas to ensure your holiday is full of sheer greenery, horse riding, cycling, yoga and detox, artisan markets and local designers, bars and beers with the hippe vibe – and not to miss the live concerts at the bars if you get lucky on some nights. The drive on rural roads surrounded by olive groves and lush valley is the perfect setting to a real, unspoilt, rural Ibiza. A wealth of whitewashed houses, old fashioned cafe and traditional restaurants is what you will get along with the provincial charm of the villas in the country side of breath taking Ibiza. If you are thinking you will miss out on the beaches and the stunning seas of Ibiza – you are wrong! Soak up in the sun as you will also find rocky, grainy sand and almost unbelievably clear water in the sea at country side.

Experience Ibiza’s countryside-whether on foot or bicycle, solo or with a friend, in spring bloom or as autumn retreats. Lose yourself on its trails-they’re the perfect way to take in the rich scenery and varied architecture, the natural springs and canals, the whitewashed churches, the rural homes, the centuries-old traditions. Return to absolute nature and choose to stay in one of the charming Ibiza country houses where beautiful gardens and unspoilt coves take the centre stage.

With something for everyone, Ibiza can be what you want it to be, lively or peaceful; you can opt for both or choose between them as Ibiza really does have it all.